8 simple tips to help you sleep better during pregnancy

8 simple tips to help you sleep better during pregnancy


Sleep and pregnancy are two concepts that should normally go hand in hand, but as most pregnant women know, the reality is completely different.

So, if you have trouble sleeping these tips maybe help you get better sleep during pregnancy.

1. Get a «special» pregnancy pillow

A pregnancy pillow is the most necessary item, especially during the third trimester. Some are large and designed to embrace gently the whole body, others are smaller and made to “pass” between your legs. The pillow you choose depends on your taste. And remember that these pillows, apart from this period, will be especially useful after the birth of the baby, since even then the body needs rest.

2. Create your own bedtime routine

Sleep routine is the best friend for a pregnant woman. And it’s not just about brushing your teeth or reading a book! Your sleep routine is about whatever you choose. From a relaxing shower to watching a TV series. A sleep routine will help you feel calmer and more serene, something you clearly need during this period.

3. Have a relaxing bath

Baths are amazing during pregnancy. Think about nice warm, deep water, a few drops of your favourite essential oil, low lights, candles. There is nothing more relaxing than a bath for this period. Water and floating is actually really good for our muscles and joints in pregnancy and can help relieve some of the aches and pains. Add some salts to your bath to help with cramping muscles and swelling too.

4. Do not forget about magnesium supplements

Magnesium is already essential for our daily diet. During pregnancy, our need for magnesium increases, so adding a magnesium supplement to prenatal care can be extremely beneficial. Magnesium helps regulate our blood pressure and muscle cramps. Some studies also link it to reducing the risk of hypertension and pre-eclampsia.

5. Prefer loose and comfortable sleeping clothes

As your tummy gets bigger and your body changes, tight clothes start to bother you. Especially during sleep. Choose a comfortable shirt made of pure cotton, soft loose T-shirts and prefer panties and bras without “annoying” seams.

6. Create an ideal temperature in your room

Did you know there’s an optimal sleeping temperature? It makes me wonder how they come up with this kind of thing, but studies have shown that the ideal sleeping temperature is on the slightly cooler side. 18-22 degrees Celcius is said to give you the best sleep. During pregnancy, it seems like our body temperature swings from being too hot and sweaty one minute to being freezing and needing ALL the blankets the next. So trying to keep your temperature regulated may help you sleep better at night.

7. Reading is much better than watching TV

The lights from the TV act as stimulants for us (even though we often fall asleep in front of the TV) and can mess with our production of melatonin, the hormone that regulates our sleep-wake cycle. Try switching off the TV at least an hour before you want to actually go to sleep and try reading instead. Keep in mind, this means putting that phone of yours away too. Turning off the TV just to switch to your phone isn’t going to help. Invest in a Kindle if you’d rather go digital as they are designed to be easier on the eyes to read (and they really are amazing).

8. Reduce fluid intake at night

Studies have shown that the ideal sleeping temperature is between 20- 22 degrees Celsius and this ensures the ideal sleeping conditions. During pregnancy, it seems that our body temperature changes mainly rise. So take some time to find the ideal temperature for you and ensure sweet dreams.




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