Which swimsuit to choose during pregnancy?

Which swimsuit to choose during pregnancy?

Which swimsuit to choose during pregnancy?

You are pregnant and you are trying to figure out which is the best swimsuit. Here are some tips to stand out in the swimming pool or at the beach!

One-piece swimsuit: the old-time classic

During pregnancy, the one-piece swimsuit will show your silhouette, ensure breast support and protect your belly from sunburn. Once you are pregnant, it is important to be extra careful with the sun. A one-piece swimsuit is also ideal for swimming and gives freedom of movement. Such a piece is also perfect for those who want to hide the brown line that sometimes appears on a pregnant belly. If you have large breasts, it is best to choose a swimsuit with a built-in bra for better support. A one-piece swimsuit is also a great choice for physical exercise in a pool during pregnancy.

Bikini-swimsuit to enhance the figure

When choosing your swimsuit top during pregnancy, it should first and foremost have a good fit: avoid tops with adjustable drawstrings that tie behind the neck. As for the bottom, some pregnancy swimsuits have the advantage of having a built-in waistband. This way you could either cover your belly or wear it low depending on your body type. If you prefer a classic bikini, search for one with a low cut so that it goes under your belly and you will not be embarrassed. Finally, always be careful in the sun and use sunscreen.

Tankini-swimsuit, the middle ground

A tankini consists of a top joined to low-cut bottom that perfectly covers your belly from sunlight and thus protects your baby. It may look like a one-piece swimsuit, but it is very practical for the toilet!

Do not forget the accessories!

To become the queen of the beach and protect yourself from the sun, you must choose the right accessories: straw hats, sunglasses, pareo, tunic, beach dresses… whatever makes you happy and matches your outfit!

Beauty products: the indispensables!

It is important to know that with the heat and the sun, certain pregnancy ailments become more intense, so do not forget to prepare your holiday with the right beauty products such as sunscreen for the body and face with a high SPF, hair oil, after-sun lotion, etc.



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