With the age limit at 54 years old, the dream of motherhood can become a reality for even more women!

Increasing the age limit is now a fact in Greece, for those who choose to use assisted reproduction treatments to become mothers, according to Article 3 of Law 4958/2022 (Official Gazette A’ 142/21.07.2022).

Today, the age limit has changed from 50 to 54 years old (54 years old and 0 days), and at the same time, there is a provision to grant special permission for medically assisted reproduction to women from 50 years and 1 day old to 54, in order to ensure their health.

Women aged between 50 and 1 day and 54 – will have to submit the required documents and the reports of doctors’ involved , who will certify that their physical and mental condition allows them to have a normal pregnancy to term and give birth.

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