Our story

A woman and a man, a relationship of 11 years. We have known each other since we were 19 years old. After a few years of relationship, we wanted a child. After a year of failed attempts, I visited a gynecologist. The doctor recommended some tests, but they indicated that we are both healthy. A few more years followed in which we tried to get pregnant naturally, we visited several doctors who told us that we were healthy, and we just had to be patient
One day my husband and I decided to go to a gynecologist specialized in IVF. I had heard that there is a lady doctor in our town who is successful in IVF.
I was afraid of a negative answer, but I plucked up the courage and went for a check-up.
After a series of tests, I found out that I am infertile (very low ovarian reserve, blocked fallopian tubes). I was 26 and had just found out I was infertile.

My chance to be a mother: 5% naturally or IVF with donated oocytes.

I felt that my world had collapsed, that I was not able to offer my husband the joy of being a father, the joy of being parents, the joy of having a child of ours, blood from our blood.
It seemed terrible to me to choose to do IVF with donated oocytes, we don’t know the donor, we don’t know what she looks like, what my child will look like, will I love him, will I accept that I can’t give birth to a child that has my DNA .

I felt guilty, punished. I was afraid that my husband would leave me.
I told my husband all these thoughts, and he answered: you will be a mother, it doesn’t matter which way, we will do everything we can, I will be with you regardless of what comes next. And if we can’t have a baby, I’ll still love you.
I started the IVF procedure with donated oocytes. The doctor recommended Medimall Atena to us.

I did the first IVF procedure, I got pregnant. We were so happy that we got it right the first time. I heard the baby’s heart beating and felt like I made the best decision to go for IVF. Our joy lasted 8 weeks, because the pregnancy stopped developing. Everything collapsed around me, my soul was destroyed.
My doctor and my husband supported me, and I tried again but without success.
Hope was in my soul, I knew I could do it and I tried one more time. This time I succeeded, I got pregnant, although I was afraid that I would lose the pregnancy again, I repeated in my mind, I forced myself that this time I would hold my child in my arms

Months passed, and I became the mother of a little girl. A beautiful, wonderful little girl, my and my husband’s little girl.
She is everything to us!
Thus, we thank the donor, the Medimall clinic, the gynecologist doctor lady for making our dream come true and my tears turn into smiles.
It was worth being patient, fighting and not giving up on my dream. I am the mother of a healthy little girl whom I carried in my womb for 9 months. Nothing compares to the moment when you feel a life growing inside you.

I encourage women who have a similar life story and who are trying to get pregnant, to think about donated oocytes. No matter what you think, the child growing in your womb is your child.

Without the support of the doctor, the professionalism of the Medimall clinic, I would not have succeeded.

Love and kisses!
Thank you!



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