Vaginal aging

Vaginal aging

Over time, in addition to the face and body, the female genitals tend to show signs of aging. Thanks to modern rejuvenation techniques, restoring their appearance and functions is feasible!

What is vaginal aging?

Usually, when people talk about aging, they think of the face and neck, but throughout life, the female genitals also undergo changes.

In particular, in menopause, female hormones decrease, and this causes the elasticity of the vagina, vulva and their natural lubrication to decrease. These changes cause the feeling of discomfort in the vagina, such as vaginal dryness, burning sensation, or pain during sexual intercourse. Even with the use of lubricants, for many women sexual activity is painful and sexual intercourse can cause additional psychological and physical stress.

Genital aging, combined with pregnancy and childbirth, can also cause the labia minora to become lax: asymmetrical, unevenly shaped, and abnormally larger to the point of hanging off the labia majora. Something that causes discomfort, embarrassment, or shame.

In addition, the functionality of the bladder can also be reduced, causing small leaks of urine after a sneeze or a small cough.

This condition affects 50% of women but is often glossed over because of the feeling of insecurity and shyness it causes.

Our proposal for the treatment of vaginal ageing

Our strategy is based on listening to a woman’s wishes and recognizing that this discomfort can affect her mood and personality at any age. At Medimall Clinic, during the first visit, after a detailed medical history, we also perform a detailed examination of the area.

These procedures provide not only a detailed knowledge of the symptoms that are troubling a woman but also a clear picture of the aging condition of her genital area, based on which the most appropriate treatment plan will be proposed.

This treatment program varies according to the specific condition from which each patient is suffering in the case of symptoms caused by loose tissues and poor lubrication of the genital area, excellent results can be obtained by using the most modern RF radio frequencies to rejuvenate the vagina.

If, on the other hand, excess tissue is the main problem, minor surgery to reduce the labia minora can be considered, as well as autologous PRP therapy to enhance tone and firmness in the area.

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