Vaginal relaxation syndrome

Vaginal relaxation syndrome

The relaxation of the vagina and vaginal wall is a concern for many women of all ages, affecting their psychology, sexuality, and even their mood. However, the good news is that with proper treatment, it can be cured!

What do we mean by vaginal relaxation?

It is a condition of lower-than-normal firmness of the vaginal and pelvic structures, which, for various reasons, may have lost their tone and strength. The consequence of this loss is that the internal and external diameter of the vagina increases and the muscles of the perineum – the area between the vagina and the anus – are weakened and not adequately supported.

A woman with this issue also suffers from sexual discomfort, with a significant impact on interpersonal relationships and daily life. Since vaginal relaxation is a physical disorder for which there is a cure, it should be treated by a specialist doctor, who will advise the woman accordingly.

Possible causes

The main cause of vaginal relaxation is both natural childbirth and natural aging. In fact, the presence of the baby can significantly affect the tissues and structures of the genital organs to such an extent that they cannot regain their natural elasticity even several months after childbirth.

This condition occurs most often in women who have given birth more than once in their lives or who have given birth at an older age. In the latter case, the collagen present in the tissues of the area reproduces at a slower rate and in reduced quantity, significantly increasing the risk of vaginal relaxation.

Vaginal relaxation can also be caused by:

  • weight of the baby during labor
  • significant changes in the woman’s body weight
  • many menopausal hormonal changes
  • congenital looseness of the ligaments
  • obstetric trauma
  • chronic cough
  • hysterectomy

Most common symptoms

The vaginal relaxation of a woman, whether permanent or not, causes problems related to sexual intercourse. It makes it difficult for the woman, and her partner, to have satisfying sexual intercourse due to the lack of friction between the penis and the vagina.

It is also common in some cases to have urinary incontinence associated with vaginal relaxation. Loss of tonicity and voluntary control of the vaginal muscles can cause small amounts of urine to leak after normal daily movements, such as a sneeze or a cough.

At Medimall Clinic, we use modern techniques with experienced medical specialists that improve vaginal firmness and fix vaginal relaxation.

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