10 common myths about IVF

10 common myths about IVF

Miti e verità sulla FIVET

If you have faced infertility, you might have asked yourself if IVF is right for you. We have identified 10 myths concerning IVF (that we often hear from patients) and their answers.

1. IVF cannot be done without drugs

MYTH. Of course, there is the possibility of IVF without the use of drugs for the stimulation of the ovaries. This is the so-called “In Vitro Fertilization”, in which the development of a single follicle and endometrium are checked with regular ultrasounds and hormonal tests. Due to the high rate of premature and unpredictable ovulation resulting in non-egg retrieval, the procedure is often replaced by the “modified natural cycle” method. In the last few days, a competitor and a small dose of gonadotropins have been added to the modified natural cycle, to avoid the loss of the egg, due to premature ovulation. Among the advantages of IVF in the natural cycle, are apart from the lack of pharmaceutical stimulation of the ovaries – when this is not recommended – its short duration, the lowest cost and probably the best susceptibility to endometrium. Its disadvantages are that the one and only egg that will be taken has to be of good quality, chromosomally normal, with good dynamics, able to be implanted in the uterus and give pregnancy. If it is not of good quality the process should be repeated from the beginning. Therefore the success rates are much lower than those of classic IVF. Out-of-body IVF is best indicated when there is a low response of the ovaries to stimulant drugs, multiple failed attempts, a desire to avoid drugs, and some extremely rare cases of contraindications to drug stimulation.

2.IVF never succeeds with the first attempt

MYTH. The success of an IVF depends on the proper and complete investigation of the couple’s infertility by the doctor to identify the causes of infertility, whether it is caused by one or both partners. If the problems are treated, both the appropriate treatment and the appropriate IVF method will be recommended. Indeed, a large percentage of couples – over 50% – will get pregnant on the first attempt. In any case, Medimall IVF Clinic can guarantee pregnancy by completing three (3) attempts, depending on the individual case and the conditions met.

3. The drugs of IVF can cause cancer

MYTH. For almost 40 years, IVF drugs have not been found in any scientific study, correlation with gynecological cancer (breast, uterine or ovarian). These drugs replace the hormones normally produced by the female body in a slightly higher dose and are given for a short period of 10-12 days. Also, the doctor suggests taking them after specific examinations and having the personal, family, and hereditary medical history of the woman, to avoid the slightest risk to her health.

4.The IVF process is painful

MYTH. As science advances in assisted reproduction, the IVF process is friendly and short. For about 2 weeks, it is part of a woman’s daily routine and does not require a work permit or abstinence.

5. Children born via IVF may face higher health risks

MYTH. With more than 7 million children having been born worldwide to date through IVF, it has been confirmed that both the physical and mental and emotional health of these children is not inferior to that of children conceived naturally. In fact, due to the necessary health checks on both parents within the IVF procedure, diseases that would probably go unnoticed with natural conception have been prevented.

6. IVF increase your chances of having twins or multiple pregnancies

MYTH. In the early years doctors chose to implant more embryos to increase the chances of pregnancy. This inevitably resulted in twin and multiple pregnancies. With the development of genetic biology methods, better quality embryos are now being created in the laboratory and among them are selected and implanted the ones that have the highest chances of leading to a successful pregnancy. The number of these embryos can be 1 or 2, according to the legislation in force in recent years in our country.

7.IVF drugs can cause ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome

MYTH. This can only happen if they are not used personalized and without the required tests. At Medimall IVF Clinic we create individualized protocols, each woman’s personal, family, and hereditary medical history, as well as the necessary results of the special examinations.

8. Pregnancy by IVF has more complications than pregnancy by natural conception

MYTH. This does not apply to women who are carrying only one embryo and are under 40 years old. Since we have twin pregnancies either by IVF or by natural conception, then we are talking about a high-risk pregnancy anyway. The same applies, of course, to pregnancies in women over 40 years old, whether they have done IVF or not, and may have gestational diabetes or hypertension. No matter the conception has taken place -with or without IVF-, any high-risk pregnancy requires close monitoring by the gynecologist and, at the same time, proper and timely of any discomfort or symptoms.

9. There is a limit to the number of IVF

MYTH. Although scientifically and legally there is no limit to the number of IVFs a woman can do, if no pregnancy has been achieved after 2-3 attempts, the situation should be reassessed. This is because it may be due to factors that may have been ruled out but have now become active or even have a case of unexplained infertility. In that case, the doctor selects a different IVF method (sperm donation, egg donation, etc.) or suggests IVF in a natural cycle so as not to burden the woman’s body with multiple medications. After all, IVF in a natural cycle is a process that can be repeated without any effort.

10.The psychological factor is very important in the success of IVF

TRUTH. It is perfectly normal to have anxiety, worry and psychological stress when there is anxiety about the outcome, when expectations are created that may not be fulfilled. Therefore it is very important that there is trust between the doctor and the medical staff of the clinic that a couple or a woman choose to have her/their IVF. At Medimall IVF Clinic we have deep knowledge and experience in assisted reproduction methods, which gives to us a head start in the success rates of our cases and positive psychology to the couples who choose us. We are completely honest when we inform them about the chances they have to get pregnant and suggest the best possible and personalized solution to make their dream come true. Knowing the possibilities and opportunities offered to them, they have less stress and are optimistic that with our contribution they can make it happen.




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