Donors are very special men and women who want to help others who are struggling with infertility. There are several reasons why someone may choose to become a gamete donor, including:

  • Helping others: Many people choose to become donors because they want to help others who are struggling with infertility to have a child. Donating your sperm or your eggs can be a way to give the gift of life to someone who may not be able to have a biological child without assistance.
  • Personal fulfillment: For some donors, the act of donating gametes can be personally fulfilling. They may feel a sense of pride and satisfaction in knowing that their donation has helped someone else to have a child.
  • Altruism: Altruism is the act of doing something for the benefit of others without any expectation of personal gain. Some gamete donors are motivated purely by a desire to help others and do not expect any compensation or recognition for their donation.
  • Continuing family legacy: In some cases, gamete donors may have a personal connection to the intended parents, such as being a close friend or family member. By donating their eggs or sperm, they can help to continue their family legacy and provide a biological link to future generations.
  • Financial compensation: Some gamete donors are motivated by the financial compensation they receive for their donation. Donors receive a fee for each donation they make, which can be a way to earn extra income.

It’s important to note that becoming a gamete donor is a personal decision that should be carefully considered. Donors should fully understand the medical, legal, and ethical implications of their donation before making a commitment.

Benefits being a donor at Medimall Egg & Sperm Bank:

  1. Health screening with no cost: Before being accepted as a donor, each individual must undergo a comprehensive medical and genetic screening process. This can include testing for fertility evaluation, genetic screenings, examination for sexually transmitted infections and overall health and psychological assessment. This screening can provide donors with a better understanding of their own health, fertility and genetic risks.
  2. Lifetime fertility assurance: We care for our donors not only throughout their entire donation process, but even beyond. If you complete 3 egg donation cycles or 6 sperm donations with us, we offer you the benefit of freezing your own eggs/sperm at no cost to you. Freezing your eggs or sperm, gives you the flexibility to start your family on your own terms, as well as safeguard against fertility issues you may encounter over time.
  3. Financial compensation: Your altruism and generosity can make the impossible possible for so many individuals and couples struggling with infertility. The Greek legislation supports the compensation of the donors appreciating their time, commitment, travel fuss and efforts. At Medimall Egg & Sperm Bank, we offer competitive donor compensation, including financial rewarding and reimbursed expenses for travel and accommodation.

Everything you need to know about the donation process

Am I eligible?

By donating your gametes, you have the power to possibly make someone’s dearest wish come true. Helping others in such an intimate way takes a special kind of person, someone who is generous, big-hearted, and deeply compassionate. The eligibility criteria to become a donor are based on your fertility and overall good physical and emotional health.
See below the criteria to become a donor:

  • Aged 18-32 years
  • Have a BMI between 19 and 28 (being overweight or underweight can affect fertility)
  • Be of any ethnic and racial background
  • Both physically and mentally healthy, and leading a healthy lifestyle
  • Both physically and mentally healthy, and leading a healthy lifestyle
  • No family history of serious genetic disorders
  • Be a non-smoker/nicotine user and non–drug user
  • Be willing and able to undergo a medical and psychological evaluation
  • Be willing to commit and be available for approximately 6 appointments at our clinic.

A Step-by-Step Guide to be become a donor:

  1. Completion of the Registration Form: Potential candidates must complete our registration form. This form allows us to check that you meet the initial criteria to become a donor with Medimall Egg & Sperm Bank.
  2. Contact by our counselor: Once we receive your registration form, a counselor will call you to arrange an appointment for a personal interview, give you some initial information for the process and answer to any questions you might have.
  3. First appointment: At your first appointment you will receive information concerning the procedure, your legal rights and responsibilities. You will fill our questionnaire, provide details about your medical and genetic history, and undergo a primary screening, including fertility evaluation and transmittable diseases testing.
  4. Second appointment: 48h after your first appointment and the results of your primary evaluation, you will be informed via email for your eligibility as a donor, and you will be asked to come for a 2nd appointment in order to complete your medical assessment, both physical and health. At the same time, you will finalize your donor profile, which will be given to the recipient parent(s). Your donor profile may include information on your appearance, personality, education, hobbies and interests. Additionally, you will sign a detailed consent form for your wish to participate in our donation program, and the relevant declaration of responsibility for the truth and accuracy of the information you provide.
  5. Eligibility result: One month after your second appointment, the results of all tests will have been completed and you will be informed via email for the approval or non approval of your eligibility as a donor.  In case of non approval, you can arrange an appointment with our counselor to discuss the medical issues that don’t let you become a donor. But once you receive the approval, you can participate in Medimall’s Egg & Sperm Bank donation programs. One of our health professionals will contact you by phone and arrange, at your convenience, the commencement of the donation procedure.

Useful information

It is worth mentioning that all medical, laboratory, pharmaceutical and nursing expenses before, during and after the gamete donation (which are related to this procedure) are fully covered. The donors’ travel and accommodation expenses, their loss of income (positive loss) due to their absence from work and compensation for biological stress are also covered. According to decisions of the ΕΑΙΥΑ, the compensation of an egg donor must to be 1,700€. Similarly, the compensation of the sperm donor shall not exceed the amount of 700€ totally.

Do you want to be an egg donor?

Every year 1,500 children are conceived in Greece through egg donation. It is the only available treatment for women who cannot produce their own eggs, those who have made many unsuccessful IVF attempts or those who are in menopause (without menstrual cycles) and would like to become mothers. Becoming an egg donor, has been described as one of the most powerful and rewarding decisions a woman can make. When you donate your eggs, we retrieve the eggs your body would have naturally discarded throughout menstrual cycle. During ovulation, a woman will ovulate one egg, however prior to this, there are other egg follicles that die off and are discarded. Taking fertility hormones, allows the eggs that would normally die to grow and ultimately be retrieved. Once you will be admitted to our donation program, you will be starting the ovarian stimulation treatment, under the direction of your assigned nurse, for about 2 weeks. Then, the egg retrieval procedure will take place, which only takes about 20 minutes.

If you are between 18 and 32 years old and wish to become an egg donor, please fill out the contact form by clicking below.

Do you want to be a sperm donor?

The most important reason to become a sperm donor is that you will literally change lives. Your service is a truly incredible gift that will never be forgotten by all the individuals and couples you help. Our sperm donation program allows for flexible appointments to work around your busy schedule, on average 30 min per appointment (up to 3 per week). The collection of your first semen specimen will not be reimbursed as it is only used for analysis to evaluate the quality and particularly the spermatozoa. More specifically, the evaluation concerns the number, the motility, the morphology and the reaction to freezing and thawing. But once accepted into the donation program, all your expenses concerning travel tickets and accommodation will be reimbursed, plus your compensation.

If you are between 18 and 32 years old and wish to become a sperm donor, please fill out the contact form by clicking below.

Anonymous or non-anonymous donor?

The decision to become an anonymous or non-anonymous donor is a personal one and ultimately depends on individual circumstances and preferences.

Anonymous donation means that the identity of the donor is not disclosed to the recipient, or the child born from the donation. This may be desirable for some people who value privacy and wish to maintain a certain level of distance from the recipient. It may also be preferred if the donor is unavailable or unwilling to be known.

On the other hand, non-anonymous donation involves a donor who can be a friend or a relative of the recipient, someone who knows and understands the recipient very well. Apart from that, there are two more types of such non-anonymous donors:

A. Open donors, when more identifying details are shared and meetings with recipients take place.

B. Semi-open donors, when personal information is offered to the recipient, but there is no communication between the donor and the recipient. That option can allow for more information about the donor’s personal traits and other relevant information to be shared with the recipient or the child. The born child can have access to the data of the donor from whom he/she was born after the age of 18, but only if the child requests it.

All above options for the anonymity or the non-anonymity of a donor, must be accompanied by the written and signed consent of the donor.



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