Kangoo jumps: the ultimate fitness trend

Kangoo jumps: the ultimate fitness trend


Are you looking for a physical activity that is also fun? Try the Kangoo Jumps! Climbing on… a pair of “kangaroo” boots, you will burn a lot of calories while the music and dance moves will boost your mood!

What is Kangoo Jumps?

It started in Switzerland with the goal of helping athletes recover from injuries. This kind of training is famous in Latin America and Europe. In a one-hour session, not only will you have fun (you’ll feel like you’re going back to your childhood years on a trampoline!), but you’ll get an intense workout for your muscles, respiratory and cardiovascular systems. The result? Toned thighs, rounder glutes, and better overall endurance. Not to mention all the calories you lose. Kangoo Jump is an ideal sport for anyone looking to lose weight. Best of all: at the end of a session, you always feel happy, so there’s a positive impact on your overall mood.

What are “kangaroo shoes”?

These bounce shoes, reduce any impact on the joints and absorb up to 80% of vibrations. Another advantage is that during the workout, more calories are burned because a lot of effort is required to lift the boots (they weigh 2.5 kg each).

It is strictly forbidden to Kangoo Jumps in cases of:

  • cervical disc herniation
  • pregnancy

As with any sport, you need a medical certificate. Be careful with weight too: there is a minimum weight limit (30kg) and a maximum weight limit (100kg). Avoid eating or drinking water 2-3 hours before the start of the class due to the intensity of the class.

The benefits of a Kangoo Jumps session

Some will say that this is just a trend, of little interest, which will soon pass. However, Kangoo Jump has many advantages compared to traditional workouts:

1. Improves muscle tone

2. Increases endurance and oxygen consumption

3. Enhances balance, mobility, and coordination skills

4. Burns up to 1000 kcal/session

5. Prevents osteoporosis – Kangoo Power exercises increase bone density

6. Reduces joint impact by up to 80%

7. Effects against stress.



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