Miscarriage: The symptoms that will help you to prevent it

Miscarriage: The symptoms that will help you to prevent it


Every pregnant woman should be able to recognize some worrying signs at the beginning of her pregnancy, up to the 13th week, in order to contact her doctor as soon as possible.

1.Vaginal Bleeding

Pregnancy means stopping the period for a period of nine months, so bleeding after a positive pregnancy test is a symptom that definitely puts the woman in thoughts. In many cases, the blood that a woman sees is due to the so-called implantation bleeding, ie the process of integrating the fertilized egg into the uterus. Bleeding is considered worrying, especially when the blood is very bright red.

2. Pain and cramps

As the uterus expands to receive the developing fetus, it is somewhat normal for a woman to experience cramps in the abdomen and pelvic area. However, cramps are also a common symptom in case of miscarriage. If the cramps are accompanied by pain and especially bleeding, the pregnant woman should contact her doctor immediately

3. Back pain

As with cramps, back pain, whether mild or severe, can be a sign of either a normal pregnancy outcome or a miscarriage. Surely this confuses the already emotionally charged pregnant woman, which is why the advice of her doctor is always valuable when she has doubts or suffers from worries.

4. Period delay

In women who have a regular cycle but do not take protective measures during sex with their partner, a delayed period can mean an unsuccessful pregnancy, a phenomenon known in medicine as a chemical pregnancy. In this case, the sperm normally fertilizes the egg, which is then implanted in the uterus and the female body begins to produce the hormone chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) during pregnancy, but the pregnancy does not progress further. Chemical pregnancy accounts for the vast majority of 50-75% of all miscarriages and most women do not even realize they were pregnant.

5. You don’t feel nauseous, any more

In the case of “missed miscarriages,” some women may not experience any of the above symptoms. Unfortunately, there are cases where the only sign is a sudden loss of pregnancy symptoms (such as nausea), These, can be difficult to spot, as pregnancy symptoms generally start to ease towards the end of the third trimester anyway, as hormone levels settle.




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