The journey to motherhood is unique for every woman, for every couple. Aimed at the happiest moment in every person’s life, your story will give optimism to all those who need to try a little harder to become parents.

And it is important when you face difficulties to know that you are not alone. Before you there were others who found obstacles and difficulties, but in the end they succeeded and were able to realize their dream.

Perhaps your own story of courage and faith will inspire women and couples seeking support and a positive attitude along the way. In addition to our effort and psychological support, your contribution is just as important!



Eleftheria: “IVF was a Golgotha ​​with a happy ending”

Only a woman who has gone through this difficult path called trying to conceive can feel all these mixed and scary feelings. From the moment I was informed that having a child would not be easy for me, my daily life changed forever.

Zoe: “I became a mother with borrowed eggs”

Zoe is one of us… It could be our friend or sister. She is a woman who at the beginning of the fourth decade of her life decides the most important step. Having a child with IVF.

Zoe shares with us everything she felt when she wanted to become a mother. The hopes, the dreams but also the difficulties that this journey hides.

“My story begins a few years ago when my husband and I got married. We decided to get into the process of having a child right away, but unfortunately, things were not so easy for us.

After some exams, we learned that there is a problem and that we have to go for IVF. And somewhere there the adventure begins. After three extracorporeal, re-examination, laparoscopy, the doctors decided that the child was a difficult case for us.

We decided that we would be left without a child, but the hope never died deep inside me. Talking to our doctor, I learned that I can do IVF but with foreign eggs. I do not hide from you that I was worried. The dilemma is great. Will the donor be healthy? Will there be heredity issues? What will the child look like?

The moment you realize that you can not have a child except with borrowed eggs, you get a shock.

The other option was adoption but my husband and I had decided that it did not suit us. I wanted a child that I would have given birth to. To raise him from the first moment he is born, to be constantly with him from his first breath. So we chose a donor and the embryo transfer took place.

It never occurs to me today that my child came from an Egg Bank. All I feel is that my heart beats with hers and I know very well that I am his mom. After all, I can say that I am glad I made that decision. I have already forgotten any doubts or concerns I had about foreign eggs. Today my daughter is already one year old and I can say that she looks like me.

Monique & Bruno, France: “If we hadn’t lost so many years, we would have come earlier to Athens to expand our family

After 7 years of unsuccessful attempts in several countries in Europe and even Africa, we came upon Medimall’s low-key announcement. This clinic places great importance on the human touch and we were met with a warm and sincere welcome. The staff is naturally cordial and sometimes gives the impression of family. Medimall is not one of those “baby factories” where once the embryo transfer is completed you no longer exist. On the contrary, the dedication of the people working there continues long after your departure and we all know the importance of psychological support up until the birth of your child. The advice and the answers to our questions proved once again that we are not alone —they were readily available. If we hadn’t lost so many years we would have come earlier to Athens to expand our family. Our gratitude is endless.



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