The first Christmas with your child!

The first Christmas with your child!

The first Christmas with your child!

A family gathered around a cradle in joy and love: the celebration of the Nativity finds its original meaning when you have a child. It is pure happiness and a true miracle to share Christmas with your child for the first time!

A Christmas to be filmed and archived

We are talking about babies under a year old. No memory will remain, let’s be honest. Hence the extreme importance of photographing, filming, and creating an archive this first Christmas. Because, in any case, in a few years, your child will want to see! He or she might even tell you that he/she remembers it!

Sharpen your baby’s imagination through Christmas stories

Your baby will be captivated by the lights in the shops and the Christmas tree decoration, which can be a good way to start talking about Christmas. You can also start to introduce your kid to the different symbols and characters with the help of a Xmas picture book. He or she will learn to recognize, point out and name objects and characters. If your baby is already fond of it, reading stories can also be a good idea. He or she will be very familiar with these tales later on its life, which will help him/her to become aware of different values such as sharing and kindness.

The most important person during the Xmas holidays is, of course, Santa Claus! If your baby is only a few months old, he/she may be very impressed by this strange man. If you want to take a photo with Santa, but your baby is afraid of him, don’t force it. It would be a shame for him/her to be traumatized by Christmas!

A Christmas to please… the family

This first Christmas with your child is especially emotional for you and the close people of your family. It’s a children’s period, which you will finally spend with your child! At last, a change from the traditional family dinner between parents and parents-in-law, where you usually hear questions like: “so when are you planning to get pregnant?”. It is the first Christmas when your family is complete. Because it is your own family.

Prepare the tree and the decoration with your child

A Christmas atmosphere is very important, and it is what will make the biggest impression on your baby, even more than the presents, which he/she will not care about at that age. The lights, the baubles hanging on the tree, the Christmas music… Christmas brings generations together and thus provides an opportunity to strengthen the bonds between members of the same family.

Lights: the winter magic!

Inside the house, the lights of the garlands dance, flash and project halos of color… Magical! Don’t hesitate to place candles of all sizes and colors in the rooms. Above all, they light up the dark night, which is always a bit scary for little children! Caution: your child must watch the lighting from a distance. The flame is so captivating that they won’t resist the urge of getting their hands close to it at the risk of getting burnt…

Dress up and cook festively!

A special outfit for a special day! No need to choose a sophisticated outfit, because babies like comfort! Have him/her wear a nice Christmas jumper, original pajamas that remind him/her of the holidays, a little Santa hat… just to mark the occasion! And of course, don’t forget to buy a Xmas sock and put it under the tree to receive the baby presents! If your kid has already started to change its diet, don’t hesitate to prepare a special Christmas meal with many flavors and the most important: new ones!

Some important precautions:

  • When the baby unwraps the presents, make sure he/she doesn’t put the paper inside the mouth.
  • The tree should be securely attached and not fall on your child if he or she pulls on it.
  • Always remember to turn off your garlands and electric decorations at night or whenever you are not at home.
  • At the table, you can replace candles with little nightlights to avoid burns and accidents.



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