Which are the treatments that can boost your effort

Which are the treatments that can boost your effort


With high pregnancy rates in couples facing fertility problems, IVF contributes to the birth of thousands of babies every year globally. According to our clinic’s statistics, 6 out of 10 couples/women have a positive pregnancy test on their first attempt, and 5 out of these 10 couples/women become parents with just one IVF attempt at Medimall.

But what happens when this does not happen?

If a woman has had ovarian stimulation, she can try again after at least three months with a new stimulation. If there are already cryopreserved embryos or in the case of IVF with egg donation or double donation, she can start from the very next cycle if she wishes.

In this new, subsequent attempt, it is most likely that some additional tests will be requested, and a differently IVF protocol will be followed, which will optimize the outcome and lead to a successful pregnancy.

Our treatments

With 15 years of experience in the field of assisted reproduction, in addition to a thorough investigation of medical history and personalized protocols – to which our high success rates over the years are due – we have additional effective treatments that have also contributed to this. Thanks to this holistic approach, 9 out of 10 couples who trusted our clinic became parents.

How do we increase endometrial receptivity?

1) By Scratching

It is suggested for women who haven’t got a sufficient endometrial thickness or have repeated, unexplained failed embryo transfers before undergoing a new IVF treatment. This treatment helps in most cases to create a functionally good quality, trilinear endometrium of sufficient thickness, with good receptivity for embryo transfer. The high rate of embryo implantation also testifies to the increase in endometrial receptivity after treatment, both in homologous and heterologous fertilizations.

2) With Endometrial PRP

PRP is the injection of platelets of autologous blood plasma (i.e., from the woman’s own blood). It is enriched with 4-5 times more platelets than those circulating in the blood. It can stimulate cell proliferation and regeneration of the endometrium due to the large amount of growth factors and cytokines it contains. PRP is prepared after a simple blood draw. It is then centrifuged, and the platelets are isolated so that the PRP can then be injected into the uterine cavity and thus enhance the improvement of the endometrium.

How is the quality/quantity of the eggs improved?

1) With ovarian PRP

The most widely used ovarian rejuvenation method today is PRP, which is performed by ultrasound monitoring in the ovarian cortex. This technique is aimed at women with specific medical characteristics and infertility profiles to give the best possible result for each woman.

In any case, a negative test, however disappointing, does not mean that it is not worth trying again. We are here to evaluate this unsuccessful attempt and discuss any questions you may have with you before you decide on a subsequent IVF.




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