All I want for Christmas is a baby

All I want for Christmas is a baby

How to manage infertility during the festive days of Christmas

Many infertile couples feel cut off from the world of fertility and this becomes even more intense at Christmas. Christmas is a very beautiful time, but not for everyone. Often carried away by their beautiful snowflakes, we forget that many people at this time are facing difficulties, including infertile couples. Yes, infertility does not suit Christmas, but even now there are ways to manage it.

Christmas Time

In any case, diagnosing and realizing infertility is a painful emotional experience for any couple. Especially Christmas is a time when families and children share exciting moments of love. The gifts under the tree, the letters of Santa Claus, the lights… all suddenly seem to be designed for families and children.

Therefore, it is very hard for infertile couples to feel that the miracle did not happen for them this year either.

Unpleasant feelings worsened at family gatherings can be excruciating. So in such a sensitive period the couple should be protected and set boundaries both in their social environment and in the family environment when they tend to become stressed. To reduce the mental burden they have to cope with, couples this Christmas should remember how infertility is a manageable situation.

Prepare yourself psychologically:

1. It sounds rather tedious to have to prepare yourself psychologically for Christmas, but it is especially useful. If you know that you will be asked strange questions, think of the appropriate answers to protect yourself from the indiscretion of others.

2. If you have been invited to large family events, let your close friends and relatives know about your fragile psychology. You may be surprised at how supportive people are.

3. If you do not want to go to a family event, then do not do it! If you have a large family and you know that all your siblings and their children will be there and, as long as you love them, you know you can fight to cope, do not go. And you do not have to feel guilty. You already have enough to face.

4. However, if you believe you can handle these events, never underestimate the power of positive thinking.

5. Do not isolate yourself from everyone. Trust your problem to people you feel comfortable confessing to. If you have friends without children, arrange something fun with them.

Share your feelings with your partner

Give space to the expression of negative emotions, such as sadness. Infertility is a crisis in a couple’s life. By expressing the negative feelings between the couple both benefits. The intensity decreases, the ruminant of the negative thoughts stop and the couple does not feel the guilt that makes these thoughts.



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