Reasons Why You Should Become an Egg Donor

Reasons Why You Should Become an Egg Donor

Egg donation has proven to be very successful, with pregnancy rates that can reach up to 73% per attempt. At the same time, it is the only available treatment for women who cannot produce their own eggs, those who have made many unsuccessful attempts of in vitro fertilization or those who are in menopause (without a period) and would like to become mothers. 

Ιt may seem as though most women donate their eggs simply for the compensation. That’s not always the case. Nowadays, more and more women are choosing the route of egg donation from altruistic behavior like blood and plasma donors likewise do.

Here are the 5 more powerful reasons to become an Egg Donor:

  • Support couples and single women to build their family

Egg donors can advocate for families who are unable to have children of their own. Not only do they get to create a human life, but also, they get to help a couple experience the happiness of parenthood and change their lives forever… a feeling that one should experience at least once in a lifetime!

  • Express your generosity

Εgg donation offers you a chance to express your giving spirit and experience the joy of helping those in need. It is a unique feeling that teaches you so much about what kind of person you really are. By donating your eggs, you support equally the society of people with fertility problems.

  • Break down taboos

Proud to be an egg donor and openly talking about your experiences will encourage other women to consider egg donation, helping to break down all myths and prejudice associated with infertility and genetic material donation.

  • Receive a comprehensive health evaluation, including genetic screening

During the egg donation process, you will undergo medical screenings, fertility and genetic. You will oversee the whole process and have a say in the timeline for your donation.

These tests will educate you about fertility. You will learn about your health, your own body and what you are capable of. This is empowering information for an egg donor that will be completely paid for. Generally, these screenings and genetic testing processes are very expensive.

Then why not take advantage of it?

  • The egg donation process is quick

Before the egg donation process begins, you must fill out legal paperwork, which does not take much time. Once you decide to become an egg donor, you are required to undergo a series of tests and examinations which will certify the integrity of your physical and mental health as well as your mental clarity. After the 2-week period once the egg retrieval is complete, you are free to return to your daily life with nothing to hold you back.

As for the compensation provided by the law, it is an amount that is not considered a fee or salary, but it is offered for the possible risks of the donor, any inconveniences and for the time spent on this act of solidarity.

If you are between 19 and 32 years old and wish to become an egg donor, contact us today!

You can set up a free consultation and learn everything you need to know about egg donation.

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