Medimall IVF Clinic takes care of your health with all proper gynecological examinations

Medimall IVF Clinic takes care of your health with all proper gynecological examinations

Following faithfully the philosophy of prevention, early diagnosis, and effective, personalized treatment, Medimall IVF Clinic urge you to check your health, to do the necessary gynecological examinations at even more friendly prices.

Whether it is a preventive checkup test, or because you feel some discomfort and have similar symptoms (you or your partner after intercourse, itching, and / or you vaginal fluids with a different odor than usual, discomfort when touched or change in sensation breasts, etc.), we are at your disposal with the following examinations.

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Gynecological examination: 30 €

These are the examination of the external genitalia, the examination of the vagina and the cervix, and the gynecological examination of the uterus and ovaries.

Pap test (Thin Prep): 50 €

Prerequisite for the test is that you do not have a period when you will perform it and you did not have free sexual intercourse the day before. The Pap Thin Prep test that we apply is the most reliable, most comprehensive, and most widely used. It is a method of high accuracy compared to conventional Pap tests and when combined with the Thin Prep imaging system has up to 90% reliability.

Complete cultivation of vaginal-cervical secretion: 30 €

Includes Microscopic examination of vaginal fluid, aerobic – anaerobic vaginal fluid culture, culture for mycoplasma, ureaplasma, and cervical chlamydia.

Digital mammography and breast ultrasound: 50 €

The necessary examinations for the complete control of the breast in combination with the palpation and should be done preventively by every woman after the age of 40 or earlier if your gynecologist judges based on personal or hereditary history.




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