Spotting during pregnancy: When should I be worried?

Spotting during pregnancy: When should I be worried?

Spotting during pregnancy: When should I be worried?

Experiencing spotting or light bleeding during pregnancy can be terrifying, but it is not always a sign that something is wrong. Spotting is considered a light or trace amount of pink, red, or dark brown blood. During pregnancy, spotting can be caused by a number of factors. However, you should consult your gynecologist quickly, especially in early pregnancy, to check that everything is going normally.

Spotting in early pregnancy

In early pregnancy, bleeding can be mild events, usually due to a little fragility of the cervix. But in almost half of the cases, they announce a miscarriage, most often related to a chromosomal abnormality. Other possible causes:

  • An ectopic pregnancy: Often, the first warning signs of an ectopic pregnancy are light vaginal bleeding and pelvic pain. If blood leaks from the fallopian tube, you may feel shoulder pain or an urge to have a bowel movement. Your specific symptoms depend on where the blood collects and which nerves are irritated.
  • An infection
  • Cervical lesions
  • Molar pregnancy: is a form of abnormal pregnancy, in which the formed placental-like tissue sometimes invades the wall of the uterus (womb).

Spotting (or bleeding) during pregnancy

As the pregnancy progresses bleeding is much less common. It is most likely due to an injury during sex or a gynecological examination. However, it may be the first sign that childbirth is approaching. If, however, the bleeding is intense, unfortunately, complications such as the occipital placenta, placental abruption, or the precursor placenta may be responsible. In this case, direct medical intervention is very important.

When is treatment necessary?

In cases of bleeding during pregnancy, the woman should be monitored by her doctor somewhat more carefully. Depending on the case, the doctor will advise her accordingly.

  • Ectopic pregnancy: An ectopic pregnancy can be serious, so it’s important to get advice right away. Early diagnosis is very important and every woman, on a positive pregnancy test, should consult a gynecologist to determine if the pregnancy is intrauterine or not. If the pregnancy is not very advanced, treatment is required.
  • Infection: In this case, antibiotics are usually prescribed.
  • Premature birth: the expectant mother should rest with drugs that fight contractions and of course should consult her doctor immediately.



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