10 tips to fight fatigue and stress

10 tips to fight fatigue and stress


The main enemies of your mental and physical health are primarily prolonged fatigue and chronic stress. Here are ways you can keep them out of your schedule, making your daily life more enjoyable!

1. Get enough sleep

Going to bed at regular hours leaving your stress out of bed is the key to absolute relaxation. And if you are still tired, a 20-minute power nap during the day, ideally between noon and 3 pm, could give you the energy you need.

2. Include physical exercise in your schedule

It is hard to take the decision to move when you are feeling exhausted. But sports can give you a great boost of energy. How? The neurotransmitters that affect well-being and stress, endorphins and serotonin, are released by our body after 30 minutes of effort. The action also regulates our biological clock and helps us sleep!

3. Eat well and pick anti-fatigue foods

Good breakfast in the morning, a lunch full of protein at midday, and a light dinner in the evening; this is how you could avoid fatigue throughout the day. At the same time, you could include in your menu foods that contain:

– Vitamin C – Strengthens the immune system and gives you a boost. It is found in citrus fruits and broccoli, for example, which can be eaten in the morning.

– Magnesium – A natural stress reliever, it will help you stay on track throughout the day. Do not hesitate to munch on a couple of squares of dark chocolate or a handful of almonds if you are starting to feel weak during the day.

– Ginseng – This Asian root has a good effect on the central nervous system and contains vitamins and minerals. It is usually found in ampoules or capsules in pharmacies and organic shops.

4. Avoid energy drinks

If your reflex is to grab a cup of coffee when you need to wake up, perhaps you should think about it twice. Over-consumption of caffeine and other types of energy drinks will have the opposite effect. You should keep it to two or three cups a day, or choose to drink Guarana instead, a South American plant with a high concentration of caffeine and many health benefits. Just like coffee, you should avoid overconsumption, especially after 4 pm. It is available in powder, capsules, or ampoule form. Don’t like coffee? Herbal tea or tea sweetened with honey could help you to refocus on yourself and stimulate your nervous system gently.

5. Choose daylight!

The lack of light has many consequences on our bodies. Particularly in some periods when the days get shorter, we are more likely to feel depression and lack of energy. That is because vitamin D, which is known for its many benefits, needs a lot of sunlight to be produced. There is no need to invest in a light therapy lamp! You could instead expose yourself to the sun on a regular basis during winter, preferably during midday hours, gaining a boost of energy. For example, you could go for a ten-minute walk after a meal to digest, absorb light, and exercise.

6. Beware of overwork

Are you tired because of overwork? Or maybe it’s the other way around? Having too much on your shoulders creates a vicious circle that can lead to stress and fatigue. At home, as well as at work, get everyone involved, and do not hesitate to delegate! You will do less, but you will do it better. Also, learning to say no will allow you to focus on the essentials. It’s not easy, but it has a lot of benefits, including the satisfaction of taking back control of your life.

7. Keep negative emotions away

Whether it is throughout the day or before you go to bed, negative thoughts could drain your energy, so taking a few minutes to yourself, even if you are feeling blurred, can only be productive. And before you go to sleep, make sure you get rid of any stress or anything else that might interfere, think of the good things you have experienced during the day and the good things you have done. Tell yourself that you are not able to fix anything at this time of day and that you will see more clearly after a good night’s sleep. That is the best way to get ready to start your day on the right foot!

8. Relax

Finding time for yourself also means focusing on what is important: you. Be sure to isolate yourself occasionally for a while and take deep breaths with your eyes closed. If you are fond of meditation or yoga, choose to take a 5-minute lightning session. At home, enjoy a warm bath with Epsom salt (full of magnesium and sulfate) and a few drops of sage, peppermint, or lemon ethereal oils, known for their beneficial actions.

9. Take action

If you need an instant dose of energy, sprinkle a few drops of peppermint essential oil on a tissue and breathe! You will immediately regain your focus and your feeling of fatigue will quickly disappear. Another natural remedy to incorporate into your routine in case of intense fatigue is to vigorously brush your palms with a nail brush. The adrenaline you feel will then diffuse through your body and wake you up for sure!

10. Beware of pathological sleep disorders

If the fatigue does not go away despite a good sleep, it is possible that you have one of the following that needs monitoring:

– Depression: 1 in 10 will be affected in their lifetime, especially women. In addition to physical and intellectual fatigue, depression includes a permanent feeling of sadness and a lack of motivation for daily activities.

– Anemia: it affects 25% of women before menopause and is a common biological reason for exhaustion: usually caused by iron deficiency (iron deficiency anemia), it also appears through pale skin and dyspnea.

– Sleep apnoea: it affects 20% of people over the age of 45 and it is responsible for poor night’s sleep due to nonstop awakening during the night: it is often the disease of “heavy snorers”.



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