Endometrial receptivity: the necessary condition to get pregnant

Endometrial receptivity: the necessary condition to get pregnant


Το achieve a positive pregnancy test and a pregnancy that progresses normally, two very important factors are required: good quality embryos and endometrial receptivity.

Thus, it is common for couples/women who have tried IVF to have very good quality embryos and yet not achieve pregnancy. At Medimall IVF Clinic, after we exclude the factors causing endometrial dysfunction (adhesions, fibroids, polyps, adenomyosis, congenital abnormalities and malformations of the uterus, inflammation, and pathogenic microbes, etc.), we have a range of specialized treatments that focus on increasing endometrial receptivity. Their excellent results increase up to 80% of embryo implantation rates resulting in pregnancy, elimination of chemical pregnancies, and a 90% reduction in first trimester miscarriages. More specifically:

Endometrial preparation before IVF with Intralipid®

Embryo transfer within the IVF procedure can simply be described as a three-stage process, which begins with the placement of the embryo in the uterus, its attachment to the endometrial epithelium, and the third stage, where trophoblast cells cover the blastocyst in the receptive endometrium. The role of Intralipid® which contains soy proteins, glycerol lipids, and egg phospholipids* is:

  • to create the ideal epithelium
  • to prevent the action of pro-inflammatory mediators
  • to reduce the number of NK cells (Natural Killer Cells) which react to the implantation of the embryo by treating it as something that doesn’t belong to the body.

For this kind of procedure, it is necessary to visit our clinic one day before the embryo transfer, to inject Intralipid® in the form of serum for over 1- 1 1/2 hours.

Hysteroscopic scraping of the endometrium (scratching)

This is a light scraping at the exact spot of embryo implantation inside the endometrium, where there is an artificial “injury” (endometrial scratching). The procedure is performed under hysteroscopy, during which the doctor performing the procedure with simultaneous ultrasound guidance can also correct any minor complications such as adhesions or small fibroids. After this procedure, the endometrium, on its attempt to return to its previous, pre-scraping state, secretes growth factors, hormones, and cytokines. These factors contribute to the ‘healing’ of the ‘injured’ area, facilitating the embryo implantation, while the ongoing microcirculation increases the thickness of the endometrium. The scratching technique is performed under light anesthesia, lasts 10-15 minutes and the patient can return immediately to her daily activities after the procedure. It is an ideal treatment in cases of:

  • previous failed attempts of natural conception, IVF and IUI, with or without obvious causes
  • endometrium with thin thickness and inability to thicken despite hormonal support during the IVF protocol
  • chemical pregnancies
  • miscarriages in the 1st trimester of pregnancy.

Scratching is performed one month before attempting natural conception, IVF or IUI and in the first phase of the cycle (from day 8 of the period to day 20 of the cycle).

Endometrial rejuvenation and thickening with PRP

This procedure has two stages: the first involves the preparation of the PRP and starts with taking a blood sample to process it and produce platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and the second, where the PRP is injected into selected spots of the endometrial walls.

The method can be applied alone or in combination with scratching, one cycle before the attempt to get pregnant (naturally, IVF or IUI).

Personalized IVF protocols to increase endometrial receptivity

Our clinic’s experts will study your medical history and the results of your endometrial ultrasound. With this data, your IVF protocol will be prepared to improve the parameters that will increase endometrial receptivity and the chances of implanting an embryo inside the uterus.




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