Yoga for pregnant women

Yoga for pregnant women

Yoga for pregnant women

Method of relaxation - Prenatal Yoga

Yoga for pregnant women, known as prenatal yoga, is not just a method of relaxation but also contributes to the smooth development of pregnancy and childbirth.

What is prenatal yoga?

Prenatal yoga is a specially designed program that prepares you physically and psychologically for childbirth and motherhood.  During pregnancy, the body changes, and yoga, through exercise, meditation, and breathing, helps you to recognize the natural process of childbirth, to connect with your inner world, but also with your baby. Breathing techniques fill the body with the oxygen needed by the fetus, and can even help with labor pains.

Why choose yoga?

Yoga is probably the most appropriate form of exercise for this period, as well as for later.

The benefits

1. With yoga you “work” mainly the muscles that you will use in childbirth with the result that your muscles “work” for you during childbirth.

2. Yoga will help you stay calm and relaxed during childbirth, as long as possible.

3. With these exercises you learn to control your body (and of course your weight).

4. Reduces insomnia and improves blood circulation, fighting to swell of the limbs and cramps.

5. Also essential for the expectant mom is the feeling of peace, relaxation, and the feeling of inner control that she feels during and after a prenatal yoga session. It is a state of calm that essentially prepares you for your new role.

6. It offers better physical posture and stability.

7. Helps maintain flexibility and mobility for this and minimizes back and waist pain.

8. Reduces stress and emotional tensions (that are very common during pregnancy).

9. Improves digestion.

10. Balances blood pressure.

11. It strengthens the genetic muscles, so it offers a quick postnatal recovery.

12. Finally, it offers us a calmer and better sleep.

What should you look out for before starting yoga?

  • You must first get your doctor’s approval. Make sure you discuss the exercise program with him and that it is right for you.
  • If you are attending a regular yoga class (one that is not specifically aimed at pregnant women) make sure you have informed the instructor that you are pregnant and in what trimester you are.
  • Avoid positions that stretch the muscles too much, especially the abs. You are currently more vulnerable to sprains and other injuries.
  • From the second trimester, when your center of gravity really starts to change, prefer postures that lean against the wall or in a chair. This is to avoid losing your balance and the risk of injury.
  • Drink plenty of water, holding a bottle next to you during all workouts. Hydration is especially important during pregnancy.
  • Avoid excessive rotations. If you have done yoga rotations before you became pregnant, you may be able to continue during your first trimester. If you are not ready for spins now is not the time to start, choose other exercises.
  • Listen carefully to your body. If you feel any discomfort, stop. You may need to change each posture as your body changes. A good trainer can help you adjust your yoga to suit the stage of your pregnancy.
  • Avoid exercises that make you feel particularly uncomfortable. Large bends in the back should be avoided, as well as exercises that put a lot of strain on the abdomen or lying on your stomach, especially after the third month. Any balancing exercise should be performed with care and guidance.

What should you remember?

The basic rule in pregnancy is that if something does not make us feel good, we just do not and certainly do not overdo it!

We respect our limits, we set realistic goals, we never push our abdomen, we only stretch as long as we can, we rest on the left side, we take care of our adequate hydration, while in the projections, we bend from the hips and not from the middle.

We remember that we no longer trust our center of gravity since even in the easiest areas we can lose our balance. We listen to our body and our trainer, and we do not forget that …we are no longer alone.



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