Learning how to Meditate: a guide for beginners

Learning how to Meditate: a guide for beginners


Meditation is an ancient method of relaxation through mindfulness and concentration. What is the point to meditate? Meditation allows you to reconnect your mind and body to the present moment and thus improve the perception of yourself and your environment.

What is mindfulness meditation?

Pause everything. Close your eyes. Observe what is going on inside you. Feel your own breathing, your body sensations, the flow of thoughts. Understand what surrounds you: the sounds, the odors, etc. Simply try being present and observe.

What exactly should you do?

The easiest meditation technique is to count your breaths. Put the same number when you inhale and exhale. Here is the procedure: 1 breathe in – 1 breathe out; 2 breathe in – 2 breathe out; 3 breathe in – 3 breathe out; etc. till 10 breathe in – 10 breathe out. When you reach 10, start counting again, and so on for as long as you want. You will find that very soon your mind will start to wonder, in which case, simply return to your last count and continue breathing.

What to do if your thoughts flow?

Unfortunately, you can’t stop your brain from thinking, it’s impossible. It will be very frustrating at first because you will feel like you are just thinking, thinking, thinking. In fact, when you are meditating and you realize that you are thinking you have already won! Just bring your attention back to your breath and you’re done.

Some tips to start your meditation session

  • Find a quiet place: meditate in a place with as little disturbance (noise, visual) as possible.
  • Wear warm, comfortable clothes: The body cools down quickly when it is not moving. Think of wearing soft and warm clothes, and possibly a scarf around the neck and thick socks, especially if it is cold and you are outside the house.
  • Set a time for meditation: we recommend 5-10 minutes a day to start with and then gradually increase to 25-40 mins.
  • Take a comfortable position: it is important to meditate in a comfortable position as the aim is to stay in this position throughout the session. The best position is sitting on a meditation pillow or a chair. The idea is to have a straight spine. You can also practice lying down (savasana posture), but there is always the risk of falling asleep!
  • Once you have found your posture, it is important to position yourself correctly so that you do not lose your concentration. Close your eyes or focus your gaze on a fixed point such as an object.
  • Don’t forget to breathe: this may sound simple to say but it is important to put all your attention on your breathing to reconnect with your body. The breath allows you to relax your muscles and open the meditation path.
  • Don’t judge your thoughts: all of a sudden you have all your concerns in mind and some of them can sometimes put you off, surprise you.
  • Let the session take its course: do not try to control your emotions, your thoughts or anything else. The aim is to relax and enjoy the present moment. It is perfectly normal that at the beginning your thoughts “obstruct” your meditation.
  • End of the session: return smoothly. Don’t jump up right away, take a few minutes. Stretch and take two deep breaths. Open your eyes, stand up slowly, drink your favorite tea (make it!) and look out the window. You are now refreshed for everyday life.



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